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an unexpected introduction to the art of storytelling

registration is closed, but you can sign up to be informed when the next class opens

An online journey created for you to re-dream life, the world and the future through stories. 

Made for those who are interested in the art of storytelling as a personal practice of creativity, care and connection with themselves, with other people, with life. It is certainly a super relevant and surprising experience for those who:


tells or wants to tell stories 

(on stage, in the classroom, in the office, in the meeting room...)

the path strengthens your art so that you are even more at the service of life. 


seek ways to take care of yourself and the world around you

the route reveals ways for you to invite the stories to be at the service of the life you want to live.

Over the course of 4 weeks you will:

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Night Sky with Stars

I want to know when the next class will happen!

very happy with your interest! You can let us notify you when the class opens.

Anderson Cavallini_edited.jpg
Anderson Cavallini

The topics under discussion were very relevant to put in different perspective the experiences we have with the world and with the different. I left already missing what I experienced and what I didn't experience and I hope to meet you again, your welcoming ability made a total difference and I hope to one day learn more about the art of storytelling with you.

Taísa Belem.jpg
Taisa Belém
psychologist and art therapist

It is a very sensitive course that leads us to broaden our listening to the voices that cross us, the stories that we are told, in the sense of taking care of making more potent lives sprout through the force of stories.

Juliane Trevisan_edited.jpg
Juliane Trevisan

It is a course that crosses, brings harmony and looking at history from the inside and outside, opening consciousness and empowering for action. Thank you for showing up at the right time! Thank you for helping me to read better about myself and the world.

Ana Cristina Coura
teacher and psychologist

It led me to a confrontation with the fear of making choices and a desire to be kinder and more careful with my wants and needs. It is a course that proposes a look at life experiences and the way we live them. These alternative narratives create new possibilities for understanding reality itself and create a field to reformulate and move in a direction that is more aware of itself and more “owner” of its own narrative.

Pilar Cunha.png
Pilar Cunha
process facilitator and consultant

It was all very light and delicious and at the same time mobilizing and inspiring. It went by really fast. The meetings had good sizes and formats, it was possible to get to know a little about the people, carry out the proposed activities with a certain quality, reflect on the content brought by Emilie and listen to stories.

I was left with a certain taste of "I want more"! I didn't exactly have an expectation, but rather curiosities, and I see that the process moved places I didn't imagine and brought new names/vocabularies to movements that are familiar to me but that, when narrated in a different way, also turned out to be another way. for me.

Felipe Gurgel_edited.jpg
Felipe Gurgel
screenwriter and writer

This journey led me to an even greater desire to be a storyteller with the various resources and techniques I have available. It took me on a personal meeting with myself, with the stories I want most and how to use it in a professional field. I want to thank you for the proposals, they were extremely important, even more so in the times we are living. These 2 hours a week were a breath for me, with the power to stimulate creativity, listening, knowledge of the other, of the other's stories as well. My suggestion is that you don't stop providing this course!

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